On-site ContentFor over a decade, I’ve written quality content for virtually every type of organization and publication, including annual reports, newsletters, magazines and, of course, SEO companies.

I pride myself on my ability to consistently write original, interesting blog posts that attract interest and incoming links. I’m skilled at generating timely, relevant topics; or, if you prefer, you may provide me with a topic of your choice, and I’ll write something that will please and excite your clients.

I’ve included just a few samples below. I can provide countless more at your request.



As a special contributor for major hospitality brands, I’ve written hundreds of on-site static pages detailing area hotels and attractions:

Courtyard by Marriott | TRYP by Wyndham | Wyndham Dubai Marina | Crowne Plaza Springfield

(Hundreds more available upon request.)


As the lead writer for several financial websites, I have ghost written hundreds of on-site articles centered on credit cards, banking and corporate/personal finance. Among these, include:

Pointopia – A New Way to Redeem Rewards Points

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology – Is this the Future of Payments and Mobile Marketing?

The Rise of Alternative Payment Types: Private Label ACH Cards

(Hundreds more available upon request.)


As the lead writer for Pertino and Verizon Networkfleet, I have ghost written hundreds of on-site articles centered on telematics and corporate technology. Among these, include:

The Evolution of VPN

How to create a free VPN for your business in minutes

Why Should You Use a Telematics Service?

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Fleet Tracking

(Hundreds more available upon request.)


As the lead writer (from July, 2010 to  July, 2013) for numerous dental practice blogs, I crafted hundreds of on-site articles centered on TMD therapy, sleep apnea remedies and general/cosmetic dental treatments. You can find several examples by visiting the following blogs:

Dental Blog 1   |   Dental Blog 2   |   Dental Blog 3   |   Dental Blog 4   | Dental Blog 5

Dental Blog 6   |   Dental Blog 7   |   Dental Blog 8   |   Dental Blog 9   | Dental Blog 10

(Please contact me directly for samples relating to medical, industrial, federal, military and other genres.)